Privacy Policy

What Personal Information Does Castemo Collect?

Your phone number and contacts.

Your location information from time to time.

Any personal information such as name, email, gender.

Information about your device such as hardware information, operating system version, carrier info if available. Any information collected from the end user is stored on servers of Castemo only. No information collected by Castemo from the end user will be sold/rented/shared with a third party.

Why is this information collected?

Your account will be associated with your phone number and email, this account will be used for all our Services that you use. Information you provide to one of our Services may be used with other Services from us that you or your friends use. For example, location information we receive in connection with your use of one of our apps may be used to customize the content you and your friends see in another of our apps. We may also draw upon this Personal Information in order to adapt the Services of our community to your needs, to research the effectiveness of our network and Services, and to develop new tools for the community. The contact information you provide may be used by Castemo to send you timely and relevant promotions. By accepting this privacy policy, you give Castemo the right to contact you by SMS or e-mail for such promotions.

Contacts of the user are uploaded to our servers to check for other users in the same network to help the user connect easily.

Castemo provides you, the user, with deals in vairous categories which are highly customized to your location, indicated tastes and probable use. Since the deals are tim-sensitive, we need to collect the above information on a periodic basis. Your contact information is collected in order to enable you to share the deals that you discover on our platform with your friends at real-time.

How is My Information Shared?

Personal Information about our users is an integral part of our business. We neither rent nor sell your identifiable personal Information to anyone.

Friends and Followers:

Friends on Castemo: Your friends can see, for example, your friends, favourite people & last visited location.

Followers and friends you follow on Castemo: Followers can see your publicly available information and you can see the publicly available information of users you follow, as described below (under "Publicly Available Information and Apps").

Individuals reading this information may use it or disclose it to other individuals or entities without our control and without your knowledge. We therefore urge you to think carefully about including any specific information you may deem private.

Publicly Available Information: When you use the Services, certain information is public, such as your public user profile information and lists of friends and/or followers. We may also share or disclose aggregated and anonymous data, such as de-identified location data, to third parties, including users you may follow and users of our Service, for analytical or other purposes.

Determining your location.

The Services deal with location, so in order to work, the Services need to know your location. Whenever you open and use/interact with our apps on your mobile device we use the location information from your mobile device (e.g., latitude and longitude) to tailor the Services experience to your current location (i.e., we'll show you a list of nearby locations). This information is NOT shared in a form that is identified with you with others unless you are using a service that they offer. Also, the Services use your mobile device's ‘background location to provide the Services, including to send you notifications of hangouts/friends/plans/deals etc. near you. If you have ‘background location turned on, the Castemo app will, from time to time, tell us about your device's location even if you are not directly interacting with the application. The user can enable/disable location services from their mobile device and use the approximate Geo location or Static Location service offered by Castemo App to select any location from a set of predefined locations.

Sharing Location with the Castemo app.

Your real-time location is not shared with anyone on the Castemo app in a form that identifies you. Some content, like plans, are time stamped and other users could use that information to infer when you were at a place even though plans can be posted when you aren't at the place you are leaving a tip about.

Your location data is ONLY shared when you reach a hangout that was planned on castemo, your friends who are part of the hangout may receive a “Reached” notification if your location is available.

Your Location History

We store your location history to provide you better quality places and deals. This information is treated as private under any and all circumstances and is NEVER shared. The user can enable/disable location services from their mobile device and use the approximate Geo location or Static Location service offered by Castemo App to select any location from a set of predefined locations